10 Best College Blogs!

College life can often be a world of its own. It makes sense, then, that there are so many blogs and sites written by and for college students who constantly keep us in-the-know about everything that is college – and the outside world. We know moving-in, we know packing, and we definitely know how to get your stuff from home to college (and back!), but when it comes to ‘what to wear’ or ‘best summer jobs for college students’ – we look to the experts. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, and so we wanted to highlight just a few of our favorite college blogs that we can’t say enough good things about!


Why it’s great: They’ve got tips for studying, sleeping, free textbooks, and lots of great lists for funny grad speeches, best party schools, most expensive dorms and colleges, and a bunch of other surprising (and helpful) college life info.

Best recent post:College Libraries That Look Like Spaceships


Why it’s great: Besides having some of the most entertaining posts on topics such as Greek Life, protesting in college, and why to dive into (and not stay away from) Twitter, they’ve got their site broken down into: “For High-School Students” and “For College Students”.

Best recent post:Why I Didn’t Pick A City School


Why it’s great: This site is the go-to for fashionable college students. It’s female-oriented and has a great range of styles, from formal to casual.

Best recent post:Quiz: Which City Best Represents Your Style?


Why it’s great: They cover everything from the internship experience to monitoring your online personality, as well as tips for great resumes and their ‘Study Album of the Week’.

Best recent post: How To Combat Social Media Overload


Why it’s great: Topics are broad and well-covered, from pop culture and college news to sports to movie and music reviews. Consistently right on the money, especially in voicing the views of college students.

Best recent post:Free Education?


Why it’s great: Not so much a blog as much as it is an excellent resource for finding (and later, reviewing) the right college. That being said, their twitter has great college-life information from all over the web.

Best recent post: Student Reviews


Why it’s great: Besides it’s awesome name, it’s got great tips for making your academic life work well with your social life, a feat they help make surprisingly easy to manage.

Best recent post:Scheduling: How To Make Your Life Easier


Why it’s great: Excellent advice and relevant news for college students of all kinds and places. Covering everything ranging from internships to what’s new in education and social media.

Best recent post:First Impressions Of Google+


Why it’s great: An absolute must for college life advice, news, and just life in general. They’ve also got you covered for deals across a variety of interests for college students. You can even start a branch at your school!

Best recent post:10 Highest-Paying Jobs Right Out Of College


Why it’s great: From health and fitness, to campus life, to school and career info (and yes, also some great procrastination posts), they’ve got lots of great things to offer to college students looking for info on just about anything.

Best recent post:Earn Some Chump Change

We hope you find this introduction to college-life blogs helpful. If you read something amazing that we missed, be sure to let us know so we can share it with the world!

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