College Life in New York City!

The Big Apple! Whether you’ve lived there your entire life or you’re just heading there for the first time, your college experience in the city is absolutely going to be a new and exciting time. Full of interesting people, great food on any budget, and endless entertainment, you’ll be sure to have a blast during your time in New York. We’ve got some tips (from our own personal experiences) to help you get the most out of what will surely be one of the most unique and fun experiences of your life: college life in New York City!

Let’s start with a little friendly warning: there is TOO MUCH to do in NYC! One of the key things about the college experience is that budgeting your time becomes a monumental (though entirely rewarding) task. From all the lectures, papers, labs, and studying, not to mention you’re all-too-busy social life, you’ll learn quick that sometimes what they say about NYC is true: IT NEVER SLEEPS! The upside is that if you love music, art, fashion, sports, food, photography, politics, or nearly anything else you can image – you can do it (at, likely, any hour of the day or night), and New York is the perfect place to do it! The downside is, well, you cannot do it all – though we don’t blame you for trying!

Don’t worry about getting your stuff to your dorm, we’ll get your stuff there (no matter where you’re going – in any city, town, state, or country!). Now that that’s covered, I’ll lay out some of the best things New York has to offer – whether you’ve been there all your life or this is going to be your first time in the big city.


There is food on (nearly) every block so deciding where to eat will probably be a major topics of discussion when you head out. There’s fancy restaurants for when you’re getting taken out, and cheap eats for every other occasion. People aren’t kidding when they say NYC has the best pizza – it does! Fat Sals, which has locations in the upper east side, midtown west, Chelsea, or the east village, may just be my favorite but there’s also all of Little Italy or the famous Ray’s pizza, which if you’re in the Village cannot be beat!

Like Chinese food? Great! NYC has arguably the most famous (and, I’m just going to say THE BEST) Chinatown in the United States. Best under-the-radar place to eat in Chinatown? Big Wing Wong’s on Mott Street cannot be beat for classic and authentic (and unbelievably delicious) Chinese food.

NYC has some of the most diverse ethnic food restaurants from Persian to Jamaican to Indian to pretty much anything else you can imagine. It’s always good to mix it up, and I promise you’ll find new foods you didn’t realize how amazing they were!


New York City has countless museums and galleries, from the famous to the underground. The Metropolitan Museum of Art may be my favorite, but there’s also the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, and many, many others. Something you’re passionate about? There’s probably a museum for that in NYC and you’re roommate probably wants to check it out too.

Central Park – enough said!

If you like music you are in without question one of the most exciting places to be. There are 100+ venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn, and if you look hard enough shows pop up in the other five boroughs as well. You’d be surprised how many awesome shows happen every night.

For fashion, New York is also one of the most incredible places to be. Fashion week is a huge deal. FIT’s a big deal. Plus, there’s tons of great places to shop, from the classy high-end to the hip thrift store.

As for sport: The Knicks! It’s their year, I’m calling it! And even if not, there’s always Yankees and Mets games. NYC is the place to be for sports, even if your team is one of NYC’s biggest rivals (I’m looking at you Boston!).


There’s so much more, so just do some asking around because getting to know people is your best bet in finding the hidden gems that make NYC one of the best places to go to college.

*Don’t forget: the subway is your friend! It’s cheap, easy to use, and will get you from anywhere to everywhere in the city at all hours.

Go to (or going to) school in NYC? Let us know what we missed and we’ll add the best comments for ‘College Life in New York City: Part 2′! Not going to school in NYC? Don’t worry, we’ve got more tips for awesome places to go to school coming the rest of the summer, so keep checking back. In the mean time, Like us on Facebook and we’ll pick the schools with the most love and get to those first! Spread the word!!

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