Why Use Ship2School

New eager young minds are attending your institution this semester!

It’s FINALLY time to get them moved in! We have a great solution for universities that will speed up the move-in process, de-congest the campus, and allow Residential Life Staff more personal time with students and parents.

Moving to college can be a stressful experience.

Loading and unloading your packed car, walking across campus with boxes and bags, climbing up crowded staircases, elbowing your way into packed elevators.

We started Ship2School to offer students, families, and universities a less traumatic alternative to this often-overlooked problem. Our move in delivery service alleviates the hassle and stress of moving to college by taking your belongings to school ahead of time. It gives students and families a chance to travel to school with more freedom and mobility. And it GIVES the university a great first impression and helps provide a easier move-in experience for EVERYONE involved.

With Ship2School, students can relax and get ready for classes and their new environment.

Parents get a chance to save their backs, wallets, and sanity too.

Getting started is easy, even if you don't have all the school address information. Sign up online today and get our FREE signature box kit with supplies sent right to your home.

Moving stinks… so skip it!

S2S Delivers:


We send a FREE box kit to your home. The kit has everything you'll need to safely ship your belongings, including extra strength double wall boxes, tape dispenser, bubble wrap, and a marker to label your items.

Peace of Mind

You receive automated package tracking, 24-hour customer support, and online account access for any changes or updates to your existing order. We even ensure your belongings at no extra charge to you.


We know you've already made a sizable investment in attending college, so we do our best to keep costs down. Pricing starts at just $239 for an in-state move.